What to expect when you arrive at Brian Johnson LMT:

When you arrive for the first time you will fill out an intake form. Then we will discuss your goals for the massage, and anything that we might need to address medically. Then I will leave the room and leave you to get undressed down to your comfort level. From there you will get in between the sheets and cover yourself. When you are ready I will come back into the room, and adjust anything that needs to be adjusted (room temp, table temp, head rest, draping etc.).

With the deep tissue massages I will be checking in with you regularly to make sure the pressure is within your tolerance. The relaxing massages (hot stone, Swedish, pre-natal) will have little conversation.Throughout the entire massage you will be tightly draped so you will be comfortable.

At the end of the massage I will leave the room and let you get up at your leisure. When you are ready I will come back in the room and give you any final recommendations (stretches, water intake, etc).

Download the New Patient Intake Form